Pre-assembly: the construction of the future

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What is pre-assembly?

Pre-assembly in construction is a process that involves the construction of components or subsystems of a structure in a protected environment, using industrial production techniques and methods.

Pre-assembly can be used to construct different parts of a building, such as walls, roof, attics, balconies, stairs, window frames and more.

In the wooden green building sector, pre-assembly has always involved the walls of houses for what we now call the timberframe system.

Today for us at Grosso Legnoarchitetture, pre-assembly has evolved further, that is, it does not only concern the walls but the entire structure! (Discover our featherboard panels and our pre-assembled system)

Why pre-assembly?

Why are we moving in that direction?

The advantages of pre-assembly are numerous, such as the reduction of construction times, higher quality, greater safety and cleanliness and less waste.

It is therefore a system that undoubtedly offers a quality of work, for those involved in the installation, clearly improved compared to the current one.

But that’s not all: the goal of us at Grosso Legnoarchitetture is to provide structures with increasingly advanced technologies and of the highest quality. Thanks to the greater care that allows us to dedicate the pre-assembly, we also offer the possibility of being able to apply our entire line of finishes to make the final effect even more unique.

Why is it the technology of the future? Because it offers quality of work to those who assemble it and quality of the structure and who will use it!

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