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A family tradition that combines passion in design and experience in the realization of custom-made wooden constructions that become innovation and nature to live in!

Grosso Srl, our home

Passion for woodworking, determination, and the entrepreneurial vision has pushed us to grow over the years, renew ourselves, and adapt to the evolution of modern constructions.

We propose ourselves today as the expert construction partner in timber capable of developing architectural projects and wooden structures with a high level of customization.

A wide range of products and services

Today we are able to offer a wide range of products alongside the traditional wood trade, including the construction and installation of wooden roofs, wooden houses, finishes for our wooden structures, and last but not least an innovative customizable ceiling system dedicated to the professional and residential sector.


Complete support

Architects, designers and clients can take advantage of integrated business processes for the realization of the executive project, in addition to the production, supply and assembly on site of complex wooden constructions intended for various uses in commercial and industrial construction including the construction of schools, wooden bridges and prefabricated buildings.


Our Mission

It is our goal to ensure a precise and punctual service with products and services always compliant with what is requested and expected, through the promotion of the quality policy at all levels of the company organizational chart.


Quality Policy

The concept translates into continuous involvement and training of our staff up to arrive at a direct observation on the field of customer satisfaction level.
The intention of Grosso remains intact, strong of the own know-how acquired in all these years, of continuous investments in research and new products for always being at the forefront and to innovate the field, within an increasingly demanding targeted market in search of the quality of living in harmony with nature.


Sustainability of the wood supply chain

Nothing protects the land more than the woods. The focus on the sustainability of the wood supply chain is everyone’s responsibility: we deeply believe it since the worldwide woodland and forestry heritage is an integral part of our story.

Sustainable business

The selection of certified sources of supply is one of the keystones for a sustainable business. For these reasons, we select our suppliers on their environmental policies and to the PEFC ™ certificates that guarantee a sustainable supply chain.


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