Loft system

Loft is the designer ceiling system that blends design, technology, and functionality. It is made up of customizable and removable decorative panels set between wooden beams thanks to special grooves designer and patented.

A new way to redesign the spaces

A revolutionary idea that transforms roofs and slabs into a customized architectural project and embellishes the interiors. The supporting structural component determines and defines the spaces and finishing elements and gives them emotion.


The decorative panels of design

The decorative design panels that create the Loft System, give life to collections that play on inspirations, atmospheres, and different subjects, with a strong visual and creative impact.
The result is an incredible ideal artistic-decorative effect to transform the interior.

Functionality & practicality

It allows obtaining a space where to hide cables, installations, security systems and to place heat-insulating and sound-absorbing panels, creating inspection areas simply and practically.

Comfort & safety

It improves the acoustic and thermal comfort of the rooms and on request, it can become an excellent solution for adapting new structures to fire regulations, by installing special fire-resistant panels.

Appearance & versatility

There is no limit to the customization of the panels, both in the choice of materials and colors, textures, and patterns. Versatility allows the designer to express the full potential of his vision.


Patented system

The first patented false ceiling system removable and customized for wooden roofs and slabs.


Transforms your location

It was created to respond to the need for change in a few simple steps.


Design, art, and decoration

From a simple false ceiling to a design product that furnishes and completes any location.


Easy and practical

Practical answer for an innovative design and to simplify technical needs.


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