Wooden roofs and slabs

A house with a wooden roof gives its inhabitants a unique feeling of warmth and a timeless charm that creates suggestive and welcoming settings. The wooden roof provides protection from atmospheric agents, from the heat in summer and from cold in winter, creates excellent sound insulation, and eliminates excess moisture from the rooms.

Thousands are the Italian wooden roofs designed by Grosso Legnoarchitetture

Solutions that make the difference, in the speed of delivery, in the construction facilities, and in the offer of services aimed at satisfying the expectations of customers and designers.
The great flexibility of use achieved by wood allows you to create any type of roof that can range from the simplest one of the gable roof (for the classic house or terraced house) to the more complex one with multiple pitches and any dormers that we find also in renovations (residential construction), up to reach the covers of large spans that distinguish buildings for tertiary/industrial use or public use such as schools, gyms, swimming pools (large structures).


The pre-cut system

An important constructive choice, for the accuracy of the design.
The many years of experience gained in the construction of wooden roofs, extremely diversified by type and size, has led Grosso to be the forerunner in Italy of the “pre-cut” system.
Cutting and pre-assembly avoid the inaccuracies and the consequent waste of time that would occur when carrying out the same operations on site. Only the sophisticated equipment available at the company’s facilities can guarantee the highest quality and safety for the construction of structurally perfect roofs and trusses. We also offer a roofing package consisting of a layer of adequate insulation and ventilation, essential if the attics are habitable.

Wooden matchboards and wall cladding

Covering a wall of a house or a place with wood: to enhance the construction tradition and combine it with modern technology, Grosso offers a system of matchboards for roofs and slabs with various widths, ranging from a minimum of 12 cm to a maximum of 24 cm. To give a vintage and lively flavor to our creations, it is installed in a completely random order.



Roofs for residential buildings

We customize each roof based on the customer’s requests and needs, both in terms of technical feasibility and in terms of the type of roofing package. The careful study of the construction detail and the connection with different materials such as steel (trusses with an iron chain, etc.) or reinforced concrete, allow finding original solutions from an architectural point of view in compliance with the correct use and processing of wood.


Roofs for large industrial – agricultural structures

We produce roofing for buildings with large spans for industrial and agricultural construction. Whether they are warehouses, craft premises, warehouses, or any other type of construction, the utmost attention is paid to functionality and compliance with current safety regulations.
Buildings of this size can be used for special structural elements such as long trusses or boomerang, lattice, or curved beams.



Wooden ceilings, as we know them today, have undergone various transformations over the years.

In ancient times, in the classic woodworking joints, technologies and materials known today had not yet been discovered, therefore the roofs were formed by load-bearing wooden beams “closed” by side-by-side boards. Between table and table remained chinks (or were created for movement of the wood). To remedy this phenomenon, a strip was placed above the crack. Thus was born the coffered in the wooden ceilings. Grosso, wishing to maintain contact with tradition, while always keeping up with the evolution of the sector, has perfected his cassettonato system.

These are load-bearing beams with special pockets on which wooden joint cover strips are placed. Additionally, the exposed planking is laid on top of them. The effect will be identical to the traditional ones, but using the most modern technologies. That’s not all! The system can be made with all the finishes of the Nature line such as Sole, Polaris, and Antares.

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