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The non-visible roof system for double pitched roofs.

The non-visible roof system for double pitched roofs

Speaking from a technical point of view, the construction of the wooden roof has undergone several transformations over the years.

Initially it was managed entirely on site where great waste, inaccuracies and poor order and cleanliness of said site was always noticed. Subsequently, the pre-cutting in the company (a technique still used today) was first manual and then mechanized with multiple advantages.

To improve the technique and quality of the construction, at Grosso Legnoarchitettura we moved onto the pre-assembly of the structure on site, resulting in countless advantages. The aesthetics of the roof however have always been the same, without ever undergoing any changes.

What if we told you that there is a system with an advanced technique that offers a whole new finish?

We have devised a new roof panel system for double pitched roofs.

What is it about?

This system is made of pre-assembled panels with a wooden supporting structure that contain insulation (which can be panels or insufflation) in the middle. This is all enclosed by OSB panels on both sides, and a sheet over the first layer of OSB.

The surface above the panel is appropriate for the cover (sheath, tiles or sheet metal) to be laid on top, which will preferably be ventilated.

This system is a valid and improved substitute for the traditional concrete roof!

  1. OSB
  2. SHEET
  5. OSB

The advantages of this system are:


Thanks to the pre-assembly work in the structure, a medium-sized team is able to install a roof of approximately 300 square meters in 1 day.

Improved efficiency

The use of these materials (wood + insulation) eliminates thermal bridges, therefore the structure will perform better in terms of energy savings.

Absence of props necessary for the curing of the cement

This is a ready-to-use system, which needs no downtime during installation thanks to the pre-assembling of the dry system.

Simplification of finishing work

Slabs of any finish can be applied directly and very easily to the panel. This operation can be done directly in the pre-assembly phase, as well as on site.


This system costs about 20% less than the traditional roof.


This wooden panel weighs about 9 times less than the traditional concrete panel.
A traditional roof weighs about 350 kg / m2, while our panel weighs 35-40 kg / m2.
The result will be a seismic improvement of the structure and consequently foundations and structures can be resized by reducing the quantity of material, with an important economic saving.

Dry system

Unlike the traditional system, these panels do not include the use of water for their construction. This implies that once installed it will not need to wait for drying times.


It is an excellent tool for preserving the environment. The use of wood eliminates CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and is completely recyclable.


The basic stratigraphy proposed in the panel can be fully customizable being assembled in our factories.


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