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The pre-assembled system

A new laying technique for wooden floors and roofs.

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Loft system

Loft is the designer ceiling system that blends design, technology, and functionality.

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Decorative Finishes Nature

The NATURE line is a line of finishes that can be made on all our wooden supplies.

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We transform nature into architecture

The history of wood…the future of architecture. The use and transformation of wood in the realization of architectural structures in the construction industry has allowed us to develop new products, load-bearing solutions, and finishes that mix the elements of nature and design, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology. This has been possible thanks to continuous investments in the automation of production processes and technical and scientific research.


Products and Solutions

We let our customers “experience wood” and the essentiality of nature, developing  customized solutions.


Wooden houses

The Grosso wooden house gives you the feeling of living with nature

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Wooden roofs and slabs

A house with a wooden roof gives its inhabitants a unique feeling of warmth and a timeless charm that creates suggestive and welcoming settings

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Decorative finishes Nature

Exclusive “NATURE” decorative finishes created to amaze

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Wooden structures & special realizations

When art and tradition of wood meet architectural innovation

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Loft system

We transform a wooden roof into a work of art

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