From the simplest structure to the most complex and articulated realization, Grosso always knows how to offer the most suitable solution to meet the customer’s needs, with a complete “turnkey” service, from the estimation to the installation. For any type of project, Grosso is able to ensure the utmost professionalism, seriousness, attention to material and timing.





Through a commercial Grosso, we collect all the necessary data for the estimation: project work, specifications, and indications of the client to allow us to prepare a detailed offer of the structure to build. Our collaborators then provide all the information and explanations till the signing of the contract.


Site survey

A qualified technician arranges for an accurate site survey based on which the drawings of the structure will be drawn up. In addition to the general plan of the building, we detect the positions and conformation of the buildings, masonry with any coverings, pillars, any slopes, or overhanging eaves already built.


Technical design

Based on the survey carried out and the project documents provided by the client, a technician in charge proceeds, with the help of specific software, to the creation of an executive design which will then be submitted to the customer for approval.



Based on the agreed project, all the necessary documentation is prepared for cutting the wooden structure through the use of a numerical control machine. Any processing and/or finishes details can then be made manually by expert carpenters. Each component comes arranged with precision and numbered, accompanied by a technical drawing in order to compose a real assembly kit. Any structures assembled are also prepared to accelerate the assembly work.



All the material is transported to the construction site, where qualified teams provide for its installation as prescribed in the assembly drawings. First of all, a preliminary check of the structure is carried out and then proceed to the installation of the wooden structure and its fixing.



We dedicate ourselves to your project with passion, that’s why we will follow your requests even once the installation on site has been completed and our sales and marketing staff will be always available to respond to your every need and question.

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