Our story

The story of Grosso srl begins in 1968. What started as a small local carpentry, soon developed rapidly thanks to our passion for woodworking, determination and entrepreneurial vision. As such we have grown, renewed and adapted to the evolution of modern construction.

A wide range of products and services

Today we introduce ourselves as the expert partner of wooden constructions capable of developing architectural projects and wooden structures with a high level of customization.

Our story


The Grosso company was founded in 1968 by Luigi and Pasqualina.


In 1977, it was transformed into a sawmill thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of the second Grosso generation.


In 1980 the company added carpentry to its services.


In 1990 they joined the team of German Zimmermeister (master carpenters) to improve the quality of carpentry products, and at the same time, the concept of pre-cut was introduced in the company and consequently in Italy.


In 1996 the sawmill was decommissioned thanks to the exponential growth of the carpentry.


In 1998 the 1st wooden house was built.


In 2000 the new Grosso buildings were constructued: the first 3-storey structure with X-LAM wood panels.
In the same year the first numerically controlled machine (CNC) was purchased.


In 2002 the Nature Line was invented and promoted.


In 2010 the old CNC was replaced with a new generation one.


In 2019 the LOFT system was created.


To date, the company is in the third generation of the Grosso family and continues to produce and manufacture unique products and wooden structures of all kinds.

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