The price of your wooden house

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How much does a wooden house cost?

The construction of a wooden house is a work that contains many details and requires a long time for its construction.

But other than that, how much does it cost?

It’s a question we get asked very often, but you should know that his answer isn’t as simple as you think!

To determine the price of your wooden house, mere architectural details are not enough (and by this we mean general plan, number of floors and external appearance), but we need to know what type of material and in what quantity.

To understand each other better, let’s take for example two houses with the same size and shape of the structure: one of the two has a greater thickness of the load-bearing walls, the wooden beams of the slabs and roof have a thicker section and narrower spacing, furthermore the insulation of cover has better thickness and performance. Last but not least, our particular finish is applied to the beam.

The result?

The one just described will cost double the other!

Why, you ask?

The information we need to determine the price of your wooden house

Simple, greater wall thickness means more raw material both in terms of wood and insulation; larger section and narrower spacing means more wood again; thicker insulation with high performance clearly means more raw material and higher quality; finally the application of a wood finish means more manpower.

We have to analyze every little detail to provide you with the most punctual answer.

Do you understand why the answer requires a deeper analysis?

Therefore, in order to have the most appropriate answer to your question, we will therefore need to receive the drawings of the structure and, if present, a bill of quantities with an indication of the designated materials.

In each case, our staff will guide you towards the choice that best suits your needs and that achieves the best result with the budget at your disposal.

Your home is like a tailored suit, created especially for you!

Do you need a quote? What are you waiting for, send us the material at your disposal and we will be happy to help you!

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