Wooden houses - why wood

Building your wooden house is a sustainable choice because, in addition to decreasing the concentration of harmful substances that circulate in the rooms, with its use you will contribute to the global reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, an essential factor for climate protection.

Nothing protects the land more than the woods

Choosing wood means making a choice compatible with the criteria of sustainable development, moreover, thanks to its countless properties, it is a material with infinite architectural possibilities and an incredible aesthetic nature.

The wood we use comes only from PEFC certified forests and this guarantees its maximum environmental sustainability.

Wood is....

  • Natural: It is a 100% natural material that does not pollute either during the manufacturing process or during installation and is completely recyclable.
  • Bio-compatible: Thanks to strict forest regulations, the wood is carefully selected from forests managed according to sustainability criteria with a very low environmental impact.
  • A renewable material: Unlike other materials, wood does not need external energy to be created, but being a natural product, it is self-produced by nature.
  • Co2 neutral: During its life cycle, the tree absorbs CO2 and once cut, it remains trapped in the wood. Precisely for this property and thanks to its complete recycling and reuse, it is called carbon neutral.
  • Sturdy: Wood has great strength, in proportion to its weight, which in some cases is higher than steel.
  • Flexible: Thanks to its elasticity, the wood can be bent, within certain limits, without breaking.
  • Versatile: Strength, flexibility, weight and aesthetic nature make it extremely versatile. Wood can be used in many areas and environments. Moreover, thanks to new technologies, it can take different forms.
  • Home humidity regulator: Thanks to its hygroscopicity (ability to absorb the water molecules present in the surrounding environment), it is able to regulate the humidity of the interior.
  • Anti-seismic: Since wood is a light, elastic and ductile material, it is the perfect material for seismic areas. These characteristics make it extremely performing in the event of an earthquake as the lightness decreases the volumes, the elasticity allows it to flex without breaking and the ductility allows it to dissipate the energy transferred by the earthquake.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation: By its nature, thanks to its fibrous and porous structure, wood has a low thermal conductivity and high sound absorption.
  • Fire resistant: Unlike the common belief, wood has now proved to have excellent resistance to fire. It takes a very long time to burn because it must first lose the water inside, but above all it begins to burn with a direct flame at 240 ° C and first carbonizes the outermost layer which acts as a shield for the innermost part. This prevents the section from shrinking, thus resisting for a long time.

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