Wooden houses- Design

An idea that is more alive than ever today, which we wanted to interpret in an increasingly comfortable and evolved key with the Grosso line of residential, industrial and agricultural buildings.

We design and build your safety

The wooden house is not only a fascinating and comfortable building to live in, but also an extraordinary laboratory of technology and innovation.

The design phase and the resulting structural decisions are of fundamental importance to guarantee you an excellent result. This is why we collaborate with your architects and designers and we are committed to always giving our evaluation on the feasibility of the structure to be built and we will always take care of the executive project.

A force of nature

Thanks to the Grosso construction technology and the natural flexibility of wood, it will be possible to create architectural environments that challenge the forces of nature.


Experience and Competence

We put at your disposal all the experience and skills of a staff specialized in engineering and implementing effective and innovative construction details and insulation systems.

In order for your single-family and multi-family housing solution to be excellent and durable over time, a very precise implementation is required as, in this context, a single forgetfulness could considerably compromise the performance values. The high level of prefabrication allows us to manage the construction site quickly and effectively. We entrust this delicate construction phase to our teams of specialized technician to ensure safety first of all.

Types of houses available

Discover our creations, click on the preview to access the board.


Raw house

Your raw house will include the foundations, the load-bearing walls and may also include the internal partitions, the slabs and the roof, therefore the internal stairs.


Advanced raw house

If the raw house is advanced, windows, sills and thresholds, any tiles, sheet metal work and the coat are added to your wooden house, therefore it is totally closed externally.



The Grosso team remains at your disposal to advise you on how to complete the finishes of your home.
Discover the wood finishes of the “Nature” line!

How long does it take to build my wooden house?

The construction of your wooden house is a fairly short process but it will follow some essential steps that will give shape and substance to your housing project. In all these phases and after the construction of your home, our company is at your side to advise you on the best solutions and answer to all your doubts.


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