What wood is used for the construction of wooden houses?

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Species of wood and type of beams

The wooden houses have an avant-garde construction system both in terms of technology and sustainability.

But can you say you know everything about it?
Can you tell me in which material and species wooden houses are usually built?
You do not know? You are reading the right article!🙂

In Italy, whether we are talking about CLT or Frame wall systems, the most used species is always the same: spruce!
This wood continues to be chosen by us builders of wooden houses for various reasons:

  1. Stability; it does not suffer much from humidity, therefore it will maintain its mechanical performance even in unfavorable environmental conditions
  2. Elasticity; fundamental quality for anti-seismic performance
  3. It is a soft wood; it is easy to work with
  4. Lightness; it is easy to move and contributes to anti-seismic
  5. Easy availability; ensures constant supply
  6. Cost; it is very cheap compared to other wood species

We have therefore defined that the chosen species is fir, but what type of beams are used for the frame system?

In this case there are many schools of thought.

Glulam, bilam, kvh or solid wood are the types! (If you don’t know the differences, read our article about it!) There isn’t one type more suitable than the other, the only substantial difference is in the aolid wood: compared to the other composite types (i.e. created in factories), it is completely natural, therefore it does not contain any glue inside.

Also for roofs and slabs, the most used wood in the various types of beams is always fir, but to have a more suggestive aesthetic other essences are also used such as larch, oak, chestnut, etc.

It is important to underline that all the wood treated by us in Grosso is PEFC certified, therefore coming from sustainably managed forests.

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