CLT structure VS FRAME structure

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Building with wood offers many advantages, for these reasons it is considered the main material of green building.

But how do you build with wood?

The most common systems for building the structure of a wooden house are CLT and FRAME.
We at Grosso Legnoarchitetture are experts in the construction of both systems.

But what does FRAME system mean rather than CLT?

And what are the differences between the two systems?


CLT structure

When we talk about CLT, we mean a structure made with load-bearing panels in solid wood made up of various layers of crossed and glued lamellas.
The panels are optimized and cut to size for each project (always taking into account logistical needs) and then assembled directly on site.

The panels are then coated both internally and externally with insulating material.



FRAME structure


When we talk about Frame, on the other hand, we always mean a structure with a panel system made with a lattice of beams (uprights + crosspieces) that enclose the insulating material. All enclosed on both sides with OSB panels or planking placed at 45 Β° or 90 Β°.

Here, too, the panels are then coated both internally and externally with additional insulating material.

Unlike the previous one, with this system the panels are entirely made in our factories.

The differences between CLT and FRAME

Both systems just described have very high performances in terms of thermal and acoustic comfort, energy value, anti-seismic and design flexibility.

However, there are some minor differences between the two systems that make them more or less suitable in the different intended uses. We list them below:

  1. Elasticity πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ
    The frame house, compared to the other system, is lighter and consequently more elastic. Determinant factor in an environment with a very high seismic risk.
  2. Costs πŸ’Ά
    Thanks to the pre-assembly work, the frame structure requires less labor on site, therefore it will be slightly cheaper.
  3. Thermal Comfort β˜€οΈ
    Thanks to the thick insulating mass, the frame structure has a better thermal comfort in the winter months. On the contrary, thanks to its mass, the CLT structure has a better thermal comfort in the summer months.
  4. Large buildings 🏒
    The greater mass of the CLT structure makes it suitable for large buildings.
  5. Floor elevation πŸ—
    The greater lightness of the frame structure makes it suitable for elevations.
  6. Finishes πŸ–Œ
    In the CLT structure, the finishes are made directly on site, therefore making it more flexible at the design level. Last minute changes can be made with this system.
  7. Installation πŸ”Œ
    Thanks to the high level of prefabrication, all the systems can be prepared in advance during the assembly phase, in the frame structure.

Both systems, having wood as a key material, have minimal environmental impact and very high performance standards!

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