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The non-visible roof system for double pitched roofs

Innovation, continuous improvement and quality are three keywords for us at Grosso Legnoarchitetture.

The incentive to want to work in an increasingly safe, technological and cutting-edge environment, using structures and skills already available, has made it possible to develop the new and revolutionary roof system.

What is it about?

After introducing the Pre-Assembled System for exposed wooden roofs and attics, which consists in assembling entire pitch modules (including the package) in our factories, we wanted to study a non-visible system considering the innumerable advantages encountered.

The composition of the Featherboard panel

The roofing panels are made with a wooden bearing structure which contains insulating material in its interaxis closed by multilayer or chipboard panels on both sides.

Once the panels have been assembled, it will be sufficient to transport them to the construction site and install them on the structure!

To complete the work, all that remains is to install externally in a preferably ventilated roof covering (if you are not convinced, read our article on the ventilated roof), while internally or plasterboard panels to be fixed directly on the structure without counter frames or finishing panels of various kinds.

Easy and fast! Isn’t it?

The benefits of wooden modules

It is a technologically advanced system designed to enhance the installation work. The installer technicians will be able to work with greater safety and less effort with a result of maximum precision!

Thanks to the materials used, the panels are extremely light but super performing in terms of energy savings.

The prefabricated dry system radically reduces installation times on site and does not need to wait for drying times. It also simplifies the finishing work because the plasterboard or panel can simply be screwed to the structure.

Finally, it has a certain and quite accessible and above all eco-sustainable cost.

If it intrigued you, you like the aesthetics or would like to use it for your next structure, don’t wait any longer. Contact us or consult the dedicated page!

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