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The six reasons to build a wooden house

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Wood is a wonderful material and Italian traditional construction has used it for a long time only for the construction of slabs, roofs and finishes, but in recent times wooden houses have taken on an increasingly important role. Let’s see why.


The increasing attention of institutions and public opinion to sustainability issues has forced a profound reflection on the relationship between man and the environment, leading to the birth of a new awareness also in the field of housing. Building in wood, a natural carbon dioxide reservoir, means reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, according to the Kyoto protocol.

Consequently, nowadays it has become logical and, at the same time, essential, to create residential buildings with natural and renewable materials. The CO2 balance of the wooden house, considering the production of materials, construction, use, recycling and total emissions, is less than 50% compared to that of traditional buildings. Grosso for the construction of its houses uses only PEFC-certified wood from forests managed in respect of their biodiversity and capacity for renewal, and produced according to parameters of social and economic sustainability.

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A wooden building designed and built in wood guarantees the highest standard of wellness inside our home: high thermal comfort in both summer and winter, average relative humidity of the air, absence or scarcity of air movements , no condensation, uniform temperature between walls and floor, high air quality. Wood is also an effective barrier against external noise, allowing an excellent level of sound insulation and offers total shielding from electromagnetic pollution. The quality of the air inside the house is ensured by the effective transpiration of steam and humidity, as well as by the almost zero emission of toxic substances.


Thermal insulation is the cornerstone of any energy saving initiative and the ability of wood to be a structural and insulating element allows the creation of a type of building with high comfort, but with significantly reduced heating / cooling costs compared to traditional masonry housing. The design philosophy of wooden buildings is focused on optimizing these characteristics, creating wooden buildings that are cool in summer and warm in winter.


Wood has excellent resistance to traction and compression and, moreover, being lighter and more flexible, can better adapt to seismic stresses. So the wood would seem to adapt very well to the Italian seismic context. The forces acting on a building in the event of an earthquake are proportional to the mass of the building itself. The mass of wood is about ¼ of that of concrete: this means that wooden buildings are subject to a much lower destructive force of the earthquake. A wooden building is never a monolithic body, but is composed of different elements (usually wall and floor) joined together by mechanical connections (also called joints). If well designed and well built, they function as an additional element of elasticity of the building and help dissipate the energy released by the earthquake, thus avoiding the collapse of the structure.


The careful design, the realization of the pre-cut and assembling work in a very short time, are excellent guarantees for the buyer of a wooden house. The set of design and technological measures of our creations, the control over the materials used, the attention in the realization that takes place within our company and the professional installation, are guarantees of durability and allow to reduce ordinary interventions to a minimum.


Building a wooden house does not mean giving up on design. We at Grosso Legnoarchitetture believe that your home is a perfect reflection of those who live there. It should comfort and inspire. It should be a place to express your style and personal tastes. And most importantly, it should embrace the warm and relaxing lifestyle that you are looking for. A Grosso house is much more than a house: it is a place where memories are created. Our highly specialized team is able to analyze the building in all its details right from the design stage and recommend the best structural and decorative solutions to make your home unique. For this reason we have developed the NATURE finishing line that embellishes every project with decorative effects and special woodworking that give houses and roofs a strong emotional impact. The LOFT SYSTEM with its decorative design panels conceals totally customized environments and allows designers to play with colors and materials and to create housing solutions with a completely new aesthetic.

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