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Take advantage of the 4 major interior trends of summer 2021 to reinvent and refresh your home all year round!

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There is something so distinctly beautiful about summer decor. The soft color palettes, light colors and natural materials are the masters and make you feel as if you are bringing the sun into your home. Although it might seem that the style is purely seasonal, there are some ways in which it is possible to incorporate summer design trends all year round, especially when you are building a house and want to preserve that particularly joyful atmosphere.

  1. Focus on Neutral colors
    The color of the white sandy beaches… if summer had a color, we are willing to bet it would be a beautiful sand color! White, ivory, light gray and beige are all colors usually associated with summer houses by the sea. It is so true that neutral colors are gorgeous all year round, which is why they are one of the biggest interior design trends for 2021.
    Designing a house in neutral tones will give you an excellent background for any color combination and decorating a roof in these shades with the decorative effects for wood of Polaris Bianco, Nebbia or Grigio with a brushed, colored and polished surface, will give extreme brilliance to the interior all year round. Polaris, will reveal the wooden base and give the whole environment an extremely airy and bright appearance, giving the whole house a contemporary look.
  2. Mix the old and the new with Modern Rustic
    A blend of what is old and what is new: the Modern Rustic, creates an eclectic look in the home that emphasizes nature and summer colors such as honey, light oak or fir and other woods of similar shades make your interior extremely warm 365 days a year! A rustic design will ensure that even in the middle of winter, when the sun decides to honor us with its presence, the light will shine, giving a glimpse of the summer to come. To recreate this style, we recommend the Sole decorative effect with its aged, brushed and colored surface. The aging treatment highlights the hardest part of the wood giving an enveloping effect and depth to your wooden spaces.
  3. Live life with Eccentric Minimalism
    Recreate the atmosphere of the bars on the beaches of the Caribbean islands … minimal style but at the same time eccentric! As minimalism began to gain popularity, the style was all about clean lines, seamless structures, and an elegantly simple design. However, for this season the interior designers have relied on a more prosperous and eccentric minimalism to adopt a more meaningful, impactful but at the same time clean and functional design. To recreate this style, we recommend creating the wooden roof with the aged, brushed, colored and polished decorative finish Antares Bianco, Nebbia or Grigio. This light and shade effect given by the aging process of the wood which is obtained through the Shou Sugi Ban technique and then brushed creates a contrast that will give a material and modern effect to the House.
  4. Choose the Boho style mixed with natural elements
    70s fashion is a recurring must among the trends of summer and summer so we play with materials and bohemian style! Boho furniture is a style characterized by the mix and match use of natural materials, colors and patterns, heterogeneous objects and vintage furniture to recreate a versatile furniture… a vagabond style, apparently unkempt but really studied that brings a touch of a a bit unconventional, but young and comfortable! A little vintage, a little rustic, a little Scandinavian, a little industrial, a little ethnic, a little romantic, a little ecological. Anyone can see what he wants and can make it personal, starting from what strikes him most. To recreate this casual style, we recommend playing with your imagination with Atlas: strips in various trendy shades set in plank or multilayer panels that can be customized in many finishes and colors. Altlas allows you to create boho chic color combinations that strike for their flair, while maintaining a tone of elegance that will distinguish your home over time!

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