How we build your wooden house

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The construction of a wooden building, in addition to the materials, has a very different construction process compared to the traditional house, in fact many times we are asked for the steps in the construction of your wooden house.

Of all this process, Grosso Legnoarchitetture deals exclusively with production, assembly and installation, therefore it does not deal with architectural design, building works, systems and finishes.

In this article we aim to explain in detail and step by step how the construction of your wooden house takes place.

Architectural design đŸ’»

“I have decided, I want to build the wooden house of my dreams! But how can I do now? ”

The first step is to choose your trusted professional, the person who will put all your ideas on paper and the one who will have to follow you until the real realization of the house of your dreams.

The construction works đŸ§±

Once the project has been completed, it is necessary to identify who will be responsible for the construction of the excavations and foundations with an adjoining curb. The last detail (the curb) is of vital importance because if not taken care of with due attention, it risks compromising the entire structure.

We at Grosso Legnoarchitetture know the raw material and we care about the healthiness of the structure, for this reason our technical office is always available to give the most correct indications for its realization in all phases of construction.

The production of the wooden structure 🛠

The next step is that, with the project in hand, to commission the company specialized in wooden constructions. We at Grosso Legnoarchitetture will make a evaluation of the project and will provide you with an ad hoc estimate suited to your needs, also proposing the most suitable or improved solutions for your structure.

Once in charge, we will proceed with the executive part: a survey is first made on site and the executive design on the measurements taken necessary for the pre-cutting, assembly and installation of the structure.

At the end of the project, we will proceed to the actual production. The numerical control machine will cut the material on which all the chosen finishes will then be applied.

The material is ready, now let’s assemble!

All the structures (walls, slabs and roofs) will be pre-assembled on special work benches and then directly delivered to the construction site.

The installation 🏗

Now we are in the pipeline with a series of assembled modules. With the help of lifting equipment, we will proceed with the actual installation of the raw structure which, with a floor area of approximately 200 square meters, can be completed in about 2 weeks (including the roof).

Later we will provide for the installation of sheet metal or tiles, coat and finally thresholds and windows.

After 1 month, your home is ready for the installation of all systems. All that remains is to install them, apply the finishes and it is ready to be furnished and lived in!

Easy isn’t it?

Now that you know how we operate, don’t wait any longer, contact us!

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