How to create different HORECA locations with LOFT

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When the wooden ceiling is transformed into a work of art

The interior design trends over the years have continuously revolutionized, leading to the most diverse solutions for our interiors. In recent times, no matter what style we are talking about, the trend is increasingly directed towards global minimalism combined with some limited eccentric element. And why not give this eccentric note to our ceilings to make an setting unique?

For this reason we created a guide to the best locations in which to place our versatile LOFT.

The locations of the HORECA sector more than others need a touch of uniqueness to be more captivating (and nowadays also instagram friendly) for the final customer. As the years go by, the hospitality market is growing and changing very fast just like in fashion. Competition in the market today is fierce and the key to success is to differentiate.

But why limit ourselves here? All businesses can boast this touch of singularity!


Imagine the entrance to a luxury hotel, at the reception there is a smiling person who welcomes you and the whole setting is cared for in every detail. A large hall with a refined reception and in front of a sitting room with extremely comfortable seats … you raise your eyes to the sky, set between the wooden beams, you will see the logo of your favorite hotel depicted.

But if you are not a lover of luxury structures, you can try to imagine your favorite hostel, wrapped in a thousand colors that start from floor to ceiling with multicolor panels, or why not, decorated with a jungle motif! But if that’s not enough, a double-sided panel can be provided that can be turned if necessary with different patterns on each side.

Bars & Restaurants

Have you ever been to a place where everything seems perfect but when the place fills up, it is difficult for you to have a conversation with whoever is keeping you company due to the excessive noise? This problem can be solved with a touch of originality. Wooden beams interspersed with sound-absorbing panels with patterns from the most classic to the most eccentric that blend into any style and location. Basically, restaurant design is all about creating a holistic dining experience for the customer. Whether it is the entrance, the common lounge area of a dining space or the bar area, every component of the restaurant design is aimed at designing it with a false ceiling of design that will create a unique location and an experience to be lived for the patrons.


There are enough anonymous and dull-looking offices. To impress your customers, in addition to your services, you have to make them fall in love with impactful settings that play with the right lights. And why not do it with wood? Until now, lighting in your wooden ceilings had to be studied before installation or positioned with exposed wires. With this system this need disappears and over time it can also be changed. All the systems are hidden above the panel, through a space between the sheet and the supporting structure, so that the lighting can be positioned as you wish with nothing in sight!

What are you waiting for? Have fun with LOFT!

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