Wooden superelevation and extension

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The definition of superelevation and extension

Do you live in a small house and need more space but don’t want to move house?

To acquire more space, the solutions can be an superelevation, if you live on the top floor of an apartment building or in a house with little land, or an extension.

Superelevation and extension are interventions which involve an increase of the existing structural unit to which it is structurally connected.

In these activities, thanks to its ductility, wood can be your best ally!

Let’s find out why together.

The advantages of wood

Carrying out work in your home can be a source of discomfort such as the impossibility of continuing to live in your own home, the duration of the work and the related noise.

And how can we enlarge our home without running into these drawbacks?

With wooden prefabrication all these themes are almost completely eliminated.

It is a prefabricated system, i.e. pre-assembled at the production plant, therefore construction site times are considerably reduced and as you can guess, the noise associated with it will also be consequently lower. Thanks to this construction method, the construction site is also considerably cleaner than a masonry one.

It is a dry system, therefore not only will it be quick in its installation, but in all its phases because it does not require drying times and offers immediate comfort to those who will live there.

As you have seen, it is a system that guarantees remarkably fast times with order on the construction site, therefore it will be possible to continue living in your own home even after the work has begun!

However, the advantages of this system do not end there. It is a light system which means a reduction in the load of the structure compared to traditional systems of up to 40%, with the consequent guarantee of greater stability and excellent anti-seismic resistance. Furthermore, its lightness allows lower costs for the maintenance of the existing house.

Finally, wood is an extremely ductile material and this implies greater architectural freedom of the structures.

Renovating your home with wood has never been easier!

If you are therefore looking for a professional to support you in the creation of your elevation or extension, contact us and we will be happy to help you! ☺

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