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Wood finishes for any type of environment

When we talk about wood in our homes, we almost always associate it with the classic natural fir wood roof with an unmistakable scent but with a traditional aesthetic.

What if we told you that we can offer you different finishes, which take into account your style, which are customizable and which help you create an unmistakable style?

With 4 product lines we can satisfy almost every style requirement! And for those who weren’t enough, we’d be happy to experiment 😊

Wood is by its nature an extremely ductile material and this allows you to alter its aesthetics thanks to processes and colors, giving it exclusive lines.

Are you ready to discover them all?

SOLE finish

Those who love warm tones and a more rustic style will certainly prefer the Sole finish. Obtained by working the wood in various steps and coloring it in shades of brown. We usually use our “rovere” color but it has also been made with transparent to obtain tones with greater contrast.

wooden decorative finish

ANTARES finish

You love modernity but you want to give it more panache. The Antares finish is right for you! It is obtained by working the wood in various steps and coloring it in white or gray tones. Through these processes, the grain of the wood is darkened and contrasted with cold tones, thus creating a modern, lively and extremely charming style.

Finiture decorative in legno

POLARIS finish

Sobriety and elegance are the words that distinguish Polaris. Here too the effect is obtained by coloring on white or gray tones and woodworking. The grain, in this case, highlights the natural color of the wood which at times appears almost pink. It is a fine and delicate finish, suitable for refined environments.

wood commercial local

ATLAS finish

The roof will be your protagonist! You love minimal furnishings but don’t want to give up the wow effect, Atlas is your finish. An ingenious interlocking system will allow you to create incredible effects! It can combine all the previous finishes in any desired color, thus creating an unrepeatable style.


The possibilities these finishes give you are endless. And what style do you have?

Write to us to let us know!

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